ARC Abrasives

ARC Abrasives, Inc. is one of only two SURFACE CONDITIONING manufacturers in the U.S. From our own in-house material, we produce all forms of surface conditioning products, including belts, discs and quick-lok discs. We continuously work to source the finest coated abrasives for finished product manufacturing in Troy, Ohio. Our commitment to the highest ratio of performance vs. price compliments our large offering of abrasive products.

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SIA Abrasives, Inc.

As a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality abrasives with more than 140 years of expertise and unrivalled innovativeness, SIA Abrasives can offer one of the most comprehensive range of products incorporating solutions for perfect surface finish. SIA Abrasives is your abrasives specialist. The company has industrial expertise. SIA Abrasives knows the process steps of its customers and can offer the right sanding solution for any material.

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