EDM Wire

  • Apex Brass Wire

APEX EDM brass wire is a non-paraffin wire that is very clean with outstanding straightness. Excellent auto-threadability. Ideal for the operator that is budget conscience but does not want to sacrifice on quality.

  • Bedra Brass Wire

A program of innovative EDM wire electrodes covers the full spectrum and with the bercocut® series it also comprises plain brass wires. Like the coated products, the brass EDM wires are subject to strict production standards and therefore guarantee reliable cutting performances.

  • Hitachi EDM Wire

Hitachi Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) wire is especially designed for cutting hard metals using the EDM process. Featuring superior electric properties, EDM Wire is the first choice for high-speed machining and cutting projects requiring surface precision.

  • Hybrid Puma EDM Wire

Introducing the wire technology that combines ultimate high speed with superior accuracy and surface finish. Based off the patented CRACKING® technology, the Hybrid PUMA® has been developed to meet the demands of today’s EDM. This high-performance wire will increase your productivity and optimize your efficiency.

  • Reliable Brass Wire

Reliable Brass Wire is produced exclusively from virgin raw materials and is OEM tested to ensure maximum consistency from spool to spool making it one of the best value brass wire options on the market today.

EDM Consumables

In addition to the EDM Wire products above, we also offer a complete line of EDM Consumables including:

  • Dynamic Filters
  • Reliable Filters
  • Resin Tank
  • Wear Parts



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