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We also represent the following diamond tool manufacturers:


Boride Engineered Abrasives



Sidley Diamond Tool

Stroh Diamond Tool



Diamond Tools

Abrasive Diamond

Since 1935 Abrasive Diamond Tool Company has been manufacturing industrial diamond tooling. Our roots are in the automobile industry. Over the past 75 years we have expanded into heavy equipment and diesel engine manufacturing, woodworking, gear manufacturing as well as the aircraft industry. Our products began with natural stone diamond dressing tools and have progressed to synthetic stone dressing tools, and a wide variety of PCD, and CBN tip tooling.

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Continental Diamond Tool

Since our establishment in 1973, we have developed a highly technical staff that represents many years of expertise in the manufacturing of both standard and specialty items required by the industry. This enables us to tailor our services and products to your customer's most demanding needs. Our confidence stems from having a distributor network which is based on a "people" foundation that is unparalleled in customer service and high quality performance.

All C.D.T. products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability. The design and manufacturing of diamond tooling is as much an art as an engineering science. Every tool requires a certain amount of hand craftsmanship during the process of manufacturing. Over 37 years of experience and craftsmanship goes into the making of each tool which is backed by a solid warranty. That's why C.D.T. has had such success and growth; our tools are such outstanding performers! We are here to please with our delivery and performance alike.

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Our full line of products includes resin, polyimide, metal, vitrified and electroplated bond systems. We are skilled in the application of natural and synthetic diamond abrasives and all varieties of CBN. We stock a variety of basic wheel forms and accessories including diamond compounds, files, hones, dressing tools and sticks. We offer diamond band saw blades in a variety of sizes and lengths for any machine type. We are a one-stop, customer focused company ready to serve your needs.

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