Carbide Grinding “Gorilla Mill”

Gorilla Mill® end mills and cutting tools and Gorilla Drills® are manufactured and sharpened at our North American plant outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Gorilla Mills® are routinely produced in special diameters, radii and lengths. Need a custom Gorilla Mill®? Not a problem. Let our staff of over educated, over worked, underpaid engineers work with you to design and manufacture your high performance end mill and cutting tool.

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HTC Tool and Cutter

Whether it is carbide, high-speed, cobalt, burrs, or otherwise – we’ve got you covered. We have a wide range of products of any size, coating, and for any job you may have.

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Higher productivity isn’t just our mission, it’s our mantra, and is part of everything that we do. Applying advanced technologies in new ways, fine-tuning tool geometries, and testing new cutting methods are just some of the ways that we at IMCO are developing solutions for today’s machining needs.

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Michigan Drill & Cutting Tools

Michigan Drill manufactures cutting tools such as drills, reamers, end mills, taps, and dies. The company also carries a full line of indexable, solid carbide, and carbide-tipped cutting tools.

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Monster Tool

Founded in Southern California, Monster Tool Company is an American manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools, which provide technology solutions to manufacturers globally. With a commitment to perpetual innovation and excellence, the company mission is, through world-class products, create productivity and profits for all participants in the manufacturing supply chain.

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YMW Taps

Companies in machine tool building, manufacturing for the transportation industry, and aerospace precision machining have come to rely on YMW taps and dies to meet the most demanding needs.

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